How Long Is it From a First Consultation to Bariatric Surgery?

Many people may not know that making an appointment to schedule bariatric surgery is a process that involves several steps. Part of the reason is because in order for weight loss surgery to be successful and safe, a comprehensive approach is important. 

What happens from the first consultation to bariatric surgery varies among weight loss medical centers. However, at our elite accredited bariatric medical center, you can expect the following for a My New Beginning weight loss experience.

Bariatric Surgery Consultation

The initial consultation is the first step on the weight loss surgery journey. A consultation is required to ensure you understand the benefits and risks of bariatric surgery. You will meet the medical team, who will be a pillar of support and encouragement in the days ahead, should they decide to commit to the program.

The first weight loss surgery consultation is an excellent time to bring up any questions or concerns they have about the procedure and to learn the most beneficial options for their situations.

Below are some questions you should consider bringing up at their consultation.

  • weight-loss-surgery-consultation-with-bariatric-specialistHow much weight can I lose with bariatric surgery?

  • How fast will I lose weight after bariatric surgery?

  • How much pain or discomfort should I expect after weight loss surgery? 

  • Are there any medications I need to take before or after the procedure?

  • What are my sedation and anesthesia options?

  • How long will I require follow-up care?

  • Does my insurance cover weight loss surgery? 

  • How much are my out-of-pocket expenses?

  • What kind of bariatric surgery support and nutritional services are offered?

  • How do I prepare for bariatric surgery?

  • Will I have scarring after weight loss surgery?

  • What does my recovery look like?

The consultation is also when an in-depth medical and weight loss history review takes place to help determine if surgery may be a good option. Though bariatric surgery is beneficial for many, it’s not the right choice for everyone. To qualify for bariatric surgery, you must meet specific criteria besides struggling to achieve a healthy weight. The consultation is like a preliminary interview for individuals and weight loss professionals to become familiar with each other and start the diagnostic process.

At the consultation, we also cover insurance and financing options and can help you navigate weight loss surgery benefits on their specific insurance plan. 

Bariatric Surgery Diagnostics and Testing

If you are an acceptable candidate for weight loss surgery, you may undergo additional health assessments, such as blood tests, X-rays, and a mental health evaluation. The results are usually necessary for insurance approval, procedure requirements, and the weight loss provider to complete a patient profile, coordinate treatment with your primary physician, and determine the most suitable bariatric surgery and treatment options.

Scheduling Bariatric Surgery

Scheduling involves the weight loss surgery coordinator confirming a date that is several weeks to months out, depending on medical clinic availability, your schedule and obligations, and preoperative treatment plan. Weight loss surgery is a highly-effective procedure in its own right, but a firm commitment is necessary for you to lose weight safely and protect treatment results. You are scheduled for several pre-bariatric surgery appointments to work with dietitians and weight loss specialists to develop positive eating and living habits to help in the days ahead of surgery and beyond.

Bariatric Surgery Preoperative Phase

First Consultation to Bariatric SurgeryIt’s important to prepare your body for the changes to come. You’ll receive nutritional and physical activity counseling, and you must start making lifestyle adjustments before the surgery takes place. 

Surgery involves modifying the digestive tract and stomach. It’s a delicate and minimally invasive procedure that comes with risks. People who maintain strict adherence to their preoperative bariatric treatment plan experience fewer complications or barriers to success in meeting their immediate and long-term weight loss goals.

You should refrain from certain eating behaviors and dietary habits and make lifestyle changes to help your bodies prepare for weight loss surgery and make recovery and treatment adherence easier for optimal results.

Our program also includes behavioral health consultations because we know that addressing underlying habits and behaviors is crucial to successful weight loss. Behavioral health evaluation can help you identify key factors that trigger unhealthy habits — and learn new skills that can help keep you motivated to stay on course during your weight loss journey.

This comprehensive process can take several months from the time of the initial consultation to bariatric surgery. The whole purpose is to give each person the best chance at long-term, life-changing weight loss success by using a wholistic approach.

Bariatric Surgery at My New Beginning

First Consultation to Bariatric Surgery

You will undergo multiple health assessments throughout your weight loss journey at the White Rock Medical Center’s My New Beginning weight loss clinic. We offer guidance and support for every step of their weight loss journey to empower you to become a healthier, happier, and lighter version of yourself.

Weight loss is not always easy, and what may work for some may not be what’s suitable for others. Let our medical weight loss experts help end your weight loss struggles, so you are healthier and happier. Whether you choose surgery for medical necessity or personal reasons, you’re in good hands at our medical center.

All the steps we’ve taken to make our program well-rounded, supportive, and focused on good outcomes have helped us become a Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP).

We have accreditation with three designations: a comprehensive bariatric center, adolescent care, and obesity medicine. This level of qualification can only be found in one other program in Texas and in 10 other programs in the entire nation.

We’re here to help you! Our bariatric clinic offers medical weight loss services and guidance, nutritional counseling, and comprehensive resources to help maintain them. To learn about bariatric surgery at My New Beginning, give us a call at (214) 324-6127 to set up a consultation with one of our bariatric surgery specialists.