The First Step is the Hardest

I’m a new grandma. I have a beautiful (is there any other kind?) grandson that lights up my world. It has been fascinating to watch him learn and explore. Everything is new and wonderful to him. Recently, he began to pull himself up and wanted to walk. At first, he was fearful and struggled as he gained courage to walk on his own. Even though his parents and others would encourage him, he had to do it alone. He had to take that first step by himself. That first step was the hardest! When he finally took that step, his momma was there to catch him and to continue to encourage him as he gained ability and confidence.

As he was learning to walk and was taking that first step, I watched him and reflected back to my first step. Not my first step as an infant, but as an obese woman that didn’t want to be that way. That first step was the hardest! I was admitting I had a problem – one that I couldn’t fix on my own. But, I had to take that first step by myself. Yes, I had family encouraging me, but I had to take that first step alone. It was the hardest!

Now, I watch my grandson toddle around, practically running. Sometimes he stumbles, but he gets right back up and goes again. As a bariatric patient at My New Beginning, I quickly realized that I had a wonderful support system. I had bariatric professionals that would “catch” me while still encouraging me. I still stumble at times, but with the help of the bariatric team I can get right back up.

Please consider taking that first step. We understand it is the hardest, but you can trust that at My New Beginning, we will be a dedicated partner in your weight loss journey. Take that first step by calling us today at 888-308-3276 and find out more about our supportive bariatric program.