Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions With Medical Weight Loss

How many times have you resolved to lose weight at the start of the New Year only to find that by the end of the year you have not been as successful as you had hoped—sometimes not successful at all. It’s not because you don’t have good intentions. In your heart of hearts, when you tell yourself this is going to be the year, you mean it. You have never been more sincere about anything. Sometimes you go gung-ho into the new year trying to watch what you eat and to be more diligent about exercise, but it seems like even that doesn’t work. Before you know it, you are sitting once again with friends and family celebrating the holidays and thinking about how you are going to resolve to make the next year better.

Make 2016 a year for success. Weight-loss surgery may be the key that you need to unlock that door for a successful year of weight loss. Weight loss surgery is a tool. It isn’t the “easy way out.” It isn’t a “quick fix.” Weight loss surgery is a “tool.” Just like the carpenter needs a hammer, the coach needs a whistle, the nurse needs a blood pressure cuff—these tools help them succeed in their work. I don’t mean for this to sound trivial, because it isn’t.

My point is that in most everything we do, we need a “tool” to help do the job correctly. Weight-loss surgery is the “tool” that a person struggling with obesity sometimes needs. I am not minimizing the fact that this is a life-changing tool. Unlike others who use their tools, this tool stays with you for life, and as long as it is used correctly it will work properly.

As the weather turns cooler and our thoughts turn to the New Year, take time to think about weight loss surgery and make 2016 the year you succeed at that resolution.

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