Myths and Facts about Weight Loss Surgery

Not everything you may have heard about weight loss surgery is true. Consider these common myths:

MYTH 1: Most people regain the weight.

FACT: It’s true that some people may regain some of the weight after surgery, but studies show that you can be successful long term if you follow the lifestyle changes and guidelines recommended by your physician and dietitian. Additionally, studies have shown that patients who attend support groups and regularly meet with their dietitian are more successful long term.

MYTH 2: Surgery is more dangerous than remaining obese.

FACT: Quite the opposite is true. The heavier you are, the shorter your life is likely to be, due to conditions related to obesity (diabetes, heart disease, cancer). While all types of surgery carry risks, weight loss surgery has been proven to be as safe or safer than many types of common surgeries, including gallbladder surgery, hysterectomy and total knee replacement.

MYTH 3: You should be able to lose weight on your own.

FACT: This is a misconception. For many people, diets may frequently fail or you can’t lose enough weight to have a positive impact on your health.

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