How a Patient Advocate Can Help on Your Weight Loss Journey

I remember the Sunday morning when I woke up. I waddled to the bathroom and glanced in the mirror, something I rarely did in those days. As I stood there, staring at my image, I thought, “How did I get here?” I wondered when I had crossed over from being pleasantly plump to a small blimp. “How did I get here?” Tears began to run down my face as I stood there, joints aching, pajamas snug around my middle. “How did I get here?” I began to mentally list all the things I had tried: diet programs, exercise, diet pills—you name it, I had tried it—only to lose a little and then gain that back, plus more.

I know I am not the only one that has felt this way—wondering how the pounds can stack up over months and years until you feel hopeless and alone. Knowing, in your heart of hearts, that you need to do something, but feeling as though there are no more options and nobody cares anyway.

Shortly after this, my little sister called me. She had a neighbor that she had been watching who was getting smaller and smaller. This neighbor had started playing in the yard with her children, riding a bicycle around the neighborhood and waving a friendly hello—all things she hadn’t been doing before. So, my sister went to ask her what had brought on this wonderful transformation. Her neighbor explained that she had undergone weight loss surgery and was losing weight and feeling so much better, both physically and emotionally. As you can guess, my sister wasted no time calling me and having a heartfelt talk. Facing the truth about my obesity was a hard thing for me to do, but I was blessed to have a sister who cared enough to talk plainly to me.

I decided to take the next step—the hardest step of all for me—I scheduled an appointment with a bariatric surgeon. A few months later, I had gastric bypass surgery.

Now, 14 years later and 200 pounds lighter, I am so glad that this option was available. Gastric bypass surgery changed my life! Now when I think, “How did I get here?”, I am blessed to be able to say, “By weight loss surgery!”

I now help many others who ask that question of themselves. I am proud to be the Patient Advocate at the My New Beginning program at My New Beginning. Being obese does not have to be the end of the story of your life. There is a new beginning waiting for you, too. Call me at 214.324.6127 and let’s talk about options that are available. Stop asking yourself, “How did I get here?”, and start asking, “How do I find my new beginning?”