Staying on Track With Your Weight Loss Goals During the Holidays

The year has flown by and the holidays are approaching. Christmas has always been a fun and exciting holiday for me. It’s my fave of the Five Fs: Faith, Family, Friends, Food and Fun! I enjoy decorating my house, my office, my car and myself for Christmas. The parties, the get-togethers, worship—they’re all important to me.

Dealing With The Holidays Has Always Been Hard

It seems like a whirlwind beginning with Halloween and ending with New Year’s Day. The holidays can be a very emotional and tiring time. I can remember a time when it absolutely wore me out. And although I always enjoyed all of the holidays, I think I enjoy them even more now.

One reason is as I have gotten older, I realize that you do what you can and don’t fret over the things you can’t. So what if something doesn’t turn out perfectly—usually you are your own worst critic. I have also learned that food is a part of the enjoyment—not all of the enjoyment. Sure, there are always some favorites that are must haves, but for the most part you don’t have to go overboard to enjoy those for the holidays.

If food is the main source of enjoyment for you during the holidays, which it actually used to be for me, I encourage you to think outside the box: think of food as something you can enjoy and not eat. We will always be challenged by food choices but we need to learn to think of food differently. My family has started a traditional Gingerbread House challenge. There are about 10 of us who pick numbers “1” to “5” out of a box, with two people getting the same number. The person who gets the same number as you becomes your teammate. Next, we all take a ginger bread house kit and as a team we decorate it. You can embellish it with anything you can think of that will stick. We laugh, talk and brag about our creation and good-heartedly “put down” the others.

We have about one hour to work on our gingerbread house, then we take a picture of each one and post them on Facebook. Our friends have one hour to vote on which creation is the best. At the end of the hour, the votes are tallied and one team wins. The winning team gets bragging rights until next Christmas. It’s so much fun, turning the focus away from food and toward the enjoyment of being together.

This holiday season get creative, have fun and focus on things that matter. Create memories for you and your loved ones.

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