5 Most Popular Weight Loss Surgery Options You Should Consider

happy young romantic couple in love have fun on beautiful beach at beautiful summer dayHave you tried every diet out there but still haven’t lost the weight? You’re not alone; worldwide, more than 500 million adults are obese. Sadly, a large percentage of these people will develop life threatening medical conditions as a result of being obese. 

When the weight won’t come off and you start opting out of life, it’s time to do something about it…consider weight loss surgery.


Why Weight Loss Surgery Works

 Your stomach is made to stretch so that it can make accommodate the food you eat. Sounds simple, right? Well, there’s more to the equation. Your stomach has the potential to stretch to a much larger size if you overeat. A too-large stomach can cause you to feel hungry more often, and to overeat just to feel satisfied.

Weight loss surgery reduces the amount of food your stomach can hold so that you eat less at each meal. Eating less means that you can consume fewer calories, which can help you lose weight.

There is a caveat after surgery, however; if you don’t consciously control your portions, you can stretch your stomach back to its original size. Don’t be surprised if your bariatric surgeon suggests a visit to a psychotherapist if you struggle with food addiction.

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5 Options for Bariatric Surgery

  • Gastric Bypass: This procedure is ideal for obese patients who have comorbid medical conditions. A portion of your stomach is sectioned off by using staples. With a small “pouch” left, the stomach is connected to the far end of the small intestine. This forces you to eat smaller meals, which helps you to lose weight.
  • Gastric Sleeve (Sleeve Gastrectomy): This surgery can be done as a minimally invasive procedure. The stomach is reshaped into a long tube, which helps it to hold 75-80% less food. A smaller stomach means that weight loss is much easier to achieve.Serious doctor listening to patient explaining her painful in his office
  • Duodenal Switch: A new stomach is created from the bottom portion (outlet) of the stomach. The duodenum is then brought up to meet with the new stomach, diverting food past 75% of the intestinal tract. This allows for less stomach acid to be produced (decreases appetite), and for the stomach to be reduced in size by 75%.
  • Gastric Band: A gastric band is a procedure that uses a band to section off a smaller portion of the stomach. This helps you feel fuller faster, which means you eat less at eat meal. Your surgeon can then adjust the size of your stomach without additional surgeries.
  • Band to Gastric Sleeve / Gastric Sleeve Revision: This surgery is ideal for people whose weight loss has stalled with the band alone. Your surgeon can remove your band via a laparoscopic procedure, and then perform your gastric sleeve while you are under anesthesia. Gastric sleeve revisions can also be done for those who had the sleeve procedure already, but would like it to be revised.


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